Friday, April 23, 2010

Weeds in my Smoothies

I'm so excited.  This morning I actually went out into the yard and looked to see what I could find to put in my smoothie.  I've been playing it safe all week, easing into this endeavor gradually.  At first I used lettuce as the greens, and fruit.  MMmm  - refreshing and delicious.  Then spinach - a little stronger, but still enjoyable.  I started out with one 12 oz. glass the first day, about 2 cups the next three days.  Today I drank the whole quart!
And here is what I drank - dandelions, red clover, and mint mixed in with some leaf lettuce.  And then I added papaya and pineapple.  It was really lovely.
I do find that I'm really hungry by midmorning.  I eat an early lunch of what would ordinarily be my breakfast - cereal and yogurt.  And I need an afternoon snack (nothing new, except it's more from hunger than boredom or feeling tired)  - but I'm hoping my body will adjust to this soon.  I have a slight headache at times which I think is because I've dropped my morning coffee.  I'm waiting to see how my grandson will react to the smoothies - he might enjoy it if I make one without as much fibre as there was in today's batch.  Tomorrow I'll play with some other combination.


  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on adding in wild greens, I look forward to trying this as well! A beautiful photo too : )

  2. I am excited to continue with the green smoothies indefinetely. Adding wild plants is going to be my next step too and incorporating more that I can gather from not only my garden, but from the "wild".

    I thought this would be an appropriate space to share this link:

    A friend's blog with a lot of knowledge of herbal info.


  3. Thanks for this link, Lisa. I'm looking forward to picking the brains of some of the folks at our CSA when we reconvene next month to start learning more about identification of wild plants. I only know a few.