Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green energy

I love that picture that you chose as a header for this blog, Suzanne! That laughing Buddha along with the glass full of green goodness is awesome.
This challenge is my first serious attempt with green smoothies. I've tried a few before, but didn't like them so much because my magic bullet didn't chop up the greens well enough for me. Turns out that I just didn't know how to do it. Now that I blend the greens and some water first, it works like a charm.
On day 1, I had a kale/papaya/banana smoothie - it was so yummy that I made a second one in the afternoon, drinking 1 quart on my very first day! That felt so good. The only thing was that apparently papaya acts as a diuretic, which I only remembered after I drank that whole quart... ;-)
Today, I made the Apple Green Smoothie - not bad, maybe I would add some other fruit next time to balance out the apple taste.
What I love about drinking the smoothies my energy seems already more balanced throughout the day, without that sleepiness crash in the early afternoon.

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