Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Smoothie's Eve

I can say I've learned something already - I need a new blender. Thank God for my trusty Magic Bullet. I buzzed the big stuff up in my blender and then just put a portion in my magic bullet. All ready for tomorrow morning.

So, I thought I would share quickly some goals for this. Suzanne introduced me to green smoothies a few years ago. They are tasty and healthy. I have recently been diagnosed as insulin resistant (pre-diabetic). I have been told NOT to have more than one serving of fruit at a time, only... I'm not sure if I buy that. So, for one, I will be tracking my blood sugars. They are usually pretty stable as long as a stay away from white stuff (bread, sugar, and Dairy Queen).

My other goal is to get my eating on track. We moved 2 months ago and my eating went down the drain - it was just too difficult. Time to get back on track. Obviously with all that, I want to lose weight and look and feel good too! What girl doesn't?

Thanks Suzanne for running this. I am excited and can't wait to see how every one else does!


  1. My husband also had to go and buy a blender for my bday this weekend so that I could participate in the challenge! ;) I couldn't wait to get started so I started yesterday and loved my smoothie! I tried the romaine, pineapple, mango, ginger recipe today but forgot to buy two mangoes and used the one yesterday. So I put a banana in it instead. It's DEEEELISH! My 3 yo likes it but my 6 yo (who's typically adventurous but is less so these days) turned his nose up. Hopefully he'll come along soon! :)

  2. My first "experiment" didn't go quite as well. I did spinach, coconut (juice and meat), strawberries, and a banana. Sounds good, right? The banana wasn't ripe enough, so it was a little yucky. I bought a pineapple today and stuck that in the leftovers - much better! I have my magic bullet cup all ready to go for tomorrow morning! Good luck on day 2.