Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 1

I was thinking I might post this on my blog instead for fear of boring you all to death. I'll keep it short and simple:

Spinach, banana (not ripe enough), coconut, and strawberries. Taste was OK - I really wished I hadn't added that banana, it needed to be riper. Still tasted alright. Didn't get to testing blood sugars (late for work). DID notice feeling a bit weak and headache-y. Hard to know if that's detox, pollen, blood sugar, walking to work REALLY FAST, or the result of noisy neighbour waking me up several times last night. Maybe all of the above?

I bought a pineapple and added it to my mix from yesterday - the flavour is much better. It was tonight's snack and will be tomorrow's breakfast. YUMMY!

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