Wednesday, May 5, 2010

doesn't it figure.........

that when i need them the most - i'm "too busy" to make my smoothie in the morning - and its makes the crazy - even crazier!!  this is one hectic week for me and most days i find i haven't even opened the fridge once all morning!  i missed the last 2 days of the challange b/c of that - and have yet to start again - but not anymore.  TONITE i am making sure i have everything all ready to throw into my smoothie first thing in the fact i wonder if i can just fill my blender w/the ingredients (minus the water) and stick that in the fridge.....i'm sure i can so that is what i'll do!  hope everyone is still making time for your smoothie!

Earth Mama's Favorite Smoothie

I thouroughly enjoyed jumping on this bandwagon of green smoothie drinking! After two weeks of 32oz a day, I took a day off. By the next day, my body was craving one so badly. With the addition og a 32oz green smoothie a day, I have pretty much seen all of my snacking desires fly out the window. If I imagine my smoothie as a snack or a meal and envision all of the fresh food piled up in front of me that goes into one of these smoothies, it's no wonder I've lost the snacking bug. If I do snack I try to eat a raw foods bar or some other more "pure" and less processed food. One thing I forgot during the smoothie challenge, was to think of my smoothie as a food, not a drink. I found I was craving water so much because at first I was thinking of my smoothie as a liquid, and not drinking enough fluids. Another change I have found is a craving and deep pull toward a more raw lifestyle. I'm sure, as with anything, and a house full of four kids, this will ebb and flow, and sometimes I will find myself not drinking a smoothie and eating something in a bag, but overall this Green Smoothie Challenge has changed my life and is here to stay. Thank you so much Suzanne!!

I found a lot of fun experimenting with the 40/60% rule and seeing the different concoctions I could come up with. I thought today I would share my absolute favorite smoothie.

Pineapple Mango Tango

3 cups chard removed from ribs
2 cups water
3/4 pineapple
2 bananas
1 cup frozen mango pieces

I made enough smoothie for me and my husband to have 32oz a day, as well as a little left over for my kids. What I did was blend the first three ingredients up and pour about 12 oz into two mason jars. I added and blended the rest of the ingredients, and then poured equal amounts of the remaining liquid into the two mason jars. I put tops on the jars and shook them to mix.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my "thank you smoothie" blog

Dear all,

today finally I am feeling the effects of 2 weeks green smoothies: feeling absolutely well! Well balanced, well minded, not bloated at all any more, feeling stronger and lighter.
My kids started to love the greenies every morning, alone that is a huge success!

Thank you Suzanne, for powering me up!