Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Earth Mama's Favorite Smoothie

I thouroughly enjoyed jumping on this bandwagon of green smoothie drinking! After two weeks of 32oz a day, I took a day off. By the next day, my body was craving one so badly. With the addition og a 32oz green smoothie a day, I have pretty much seen all of my snacking desires fly out the window. If I imagine my smoothie as a snack or a meal and envision all of the fresh food piled up in front of me that goes into one of these smoothies, it's no wonder I've lost the snacking bug. If I do snack I try to eat a raw foods bar or some other more "pure" and less processed food. One thing I forgot during the smoothie challenge, was to think of my smoothie as a food, not a drink. I found I was craving water so much because at first I was thinking of my smoothie as a liquid, and not drinking enough fluids. Another change I have found is a craving and deep pull toward a more raw lifestyle. I'm sure, as with anything, and a house full of four kids, this will ebb and flow, and sometimes I will find myself not drinking a smoothie and eating something in a bag, but overall this Green Smoothie Challenge has changed my life and is here to stay. Thank you so much Suzanne!!

I found a lot of fun experimenting with the 40/60% rule and seeing the different concoctions I could come up with. I thought today I would share my absolute favorite smoothie.

Pineapple Mango Tango

3 cups chard removed from ribs
2 cups water
3/4 pineapple
2 bananas
1 cup frozen mango pieces

I made enough smoothie for me and my husband to have 32oz a day, as well as a little left over for my kids. What I did was blend the first three ingredients up and pour about 12 oz into two mason jars. I added and blended the rest of the ingredients, and then poured equal amounts of the remaining liquid into the two mason jars. I put tops on the jars and shook them to mix.



  1. Well. Glad to see the enjoying the fun of Innovation and experiment. Impressed by the way of expression and the theme Learning Together. And the laughing The Great Buddha. Thank You and with Best Wishes.

  2. Such a great way to include greens in your diet!