Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rotation and Stinging Nettles?

I was so excited to get started with this challenge that I began on Sunday. I made the "Basic Balance" recipe that Suzanne has posted on the site she gave us. I added about four strawberries to it though just to sweeten the kale up a bit. It was much better when I added some ice to it. It was a little thick but I only added one cup of water instead of two. :) I ended up drinking the whole thing that day.

Yesterday I decided to make the "Party in Your Mouth" smoothie but only added 1/2 of a pineapple, no mango, added strawberries and a banana. It was SO yummy! The ginger really added a nice touch to it as well. However, I'm glad that I only added 1/2 of the pineapple because the flavor was just right. I find that the acid in pineapple really bothers my mouth so I drank one quart of it yesterday and will make a new smoothie today and then eat the remainder of the pineapple smoothie tomorrow. It seems to be a good idea for me personally, to have one recipe the first day, a second the next day, finish up the leftovers from the first on the third day, finish the leftovers from the second on the fourth day and so on. That way I continue to have some variety and can still get in 2-3 different greens in a week like was suggested by Suzanne.

I did have a question on stinging nettles however. I noticed a "Heavy Metals" smoothie that I'd like to make but it requires stinging nettles. I have only seen them locally in a dried fashion. Are they supposed to be fresh when you do this smoothie? Any tips there would be appreciated.

I hope everyone else is enjoying this challenge as much as I am. I haven't found it difficult at this point because the recipes are so yummy! All of the recipes given have really taken the question out of how to prepare and drink green smoothies! Thanks Suzanne!

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