Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BIG step for me today!

i actually went onto my patio....picked the dandelions growing there - and threw them into my smoothie!  i will admit it took me a little while to take the first sip - not b/c of the fact that i was drinking a "weed" but because it was one i foraged myself - and i'm always the one worried that i will eat the ONE KIND of wild dandelion that is poisonous! LOL

today's smoothie

frozen mango
coconut water
1 strawberry (b/c that is all i had)
pea shoots
dandelion greens


  1. Hooray for being adventurous! Your recipe sounds delicious.

  2. wow! That is really brave and wonderful. Maybe I'll give this a try...something to think about!

  3. There are no dandelions that are poisonous! Unless, they've been sprayed with toxic weed killer. A few years ago I studied herbal medicine intensively for a year. Most of our class time was out on "weed walks", picking and eating just about everything. I learned real fast that there are very few things in nature that we can't eat. Better to be safe than sorry and learn all about wild edibles for yourself, but I can tell you for sure there are no poisonous dandelions!

    Just found your blog through a green smoothies link...I too have been challenging myself to a month of green smoothies, from April 10 to May 10. I may keep going, because they make me feel so great and I've lost over 5 pounds. Great idea!